VTL Living was born out of the belief in daily rituals and connection to nature being the foundation of wellbeing. Knowing this has driven us to source products and promote practices that nurture and sustain vitality, creativity and maintain balance whether it be through daily rituals, outdoor activity or when you need additional support. VTL products and rituals lean into and, with respect leverage the tried and tested ancient wisdom now being backed by science.


A little about me - Lauren, founder of VTL Living. After 15+ years in the finance sector I’ve learnt just how important health, wellbeing and balance are in creating and living a life you love. Having studied Nutrition and Wellbeing management coupled with my own journey I’ve come to understand the mechanisms of wellbeing and how our connection to the world around us is inextricably linked to our health and wellness. VTL Living is a space to share  tips, tools and products that support a more Vital Life x












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